Does your product contain spirits?
Yes, the base alcohol for our product is Grape Brandy.

Why do you use Grape Brandy?
We are very close to wine country so we wanted to utilize all of the outstanding brandy that is distilled in this area. Also, brandy has a superior fruit flavor, full mouthfeel and pleasant aroma. It’s the perfect balance of fruit and floral. And it compliments the fresh fruit that we blend in.

Is your brandy aged?
No, we use unaged grape brandy because we want to highlight the fruit. While wood works great to mellow a spirit and add tannins, it can overpower the more subtle fruit tannins that we strive to highlight.

How do you get the fruit flavor in your beverages?
We use fresh ripe fruit and directly infuse (soak) them in the grape brandy. The brandy pulls out all of that delicious fruit flavor.

Why do you infuse and not just juice the fruit?
When you juice fruit, you are shredding it up with tiny blades and exposing it abruptly to oxygen. So unless you are drinking it that day, that juice will not stay fresh. However, when you soak the fresh fruit in alcohol, it not only works as a preservative, but it also extracts so much great flavor from the fruit. To obtain our desired flavor profile, we also want complex flavors from the skin of the fruit. A crucial flavor elements being extracted are the tannins, which is also why it has such an authentic mouthfeel.

What makes your product different than other beverages?
We actually use fresh fruit. Most beverages just blend concentrates, water, sugar and extracts. You get the real fruit here. Not apple concentrate, apples. Not vanilla extract, vanilla beans. You’ll taste the difference.

How did you come up with the name Verbena?
Verbena is derived from Lemon Verbena. It’s a spectacular herb that can add a gentle floral and citrus element when infused correctly. It was also the first herb that we had success with so we had to pay tribute.

Where do you source your fruit?
We either get it straight from a San Francisco Farmer’s Market, a local farm or a local organic fruit purveyor.

How long do you infuse your fruit?
Each fruit has it’s own personality and length of infusion times. Hint: if you don’t infuse for long enough, you don’t get enough tannins and fruit flavor, but if you infuse for too long, it can become bitter.

Do you use organic ingredients?
Yes, we use organic fruit as our primary flavoring element. Organic sustainable produce is sourced from local farms whenever possible.

Is your product All-Natural?
Yes. All ingredients used in our products are from natural sources. And we are so confident with our natural flavors, we put them right on the front of the bottle.

How do I buy Verbena infusions?
We primarily supply to San Francisco establishments. Sign up for our email list and we’ll send you information on local events, where we’re on tap and where to pick up a bottle.

Can you cook with Verbena infusions?
-Deglaze a pan with Verbena Infusions. After you remove your meat or fish from the pan, immediately add a few ounces of your favorite infusion, scrape all those great brown bits of flavor until they dissolve and reduce your liquid until it’s about half the volume.
-For salad, you can make a memorable vinaigrette. Just use the magic ratio of 3:1 oil to Verbena. Take your oil and whisk in your favorite Verbena Infusion. Toss and enjoy.
-Instead of making a marinade with 1/2 cup of oil, decrease the oil to 1/4 cup and add 1/4 cup of Verbena Infusions
-Sauté vegetables with a touch of oil and your favorite Verbena Infusion. This adds moisture and steams those veggies with concentrated goodness.

What is the best way to serve Verbena?
Verbena is best chilled and over ice, but to accentuate all of the subtle nuances of flavor in our infusions, garnishing always helps. A few quick ideas include: a thinly sliced piece of citrus on the rim and/or in the glass, cubed fruit pieces on toothpicks, edible flowers, grating citrus zest on top, thinly slicing your favorite fruits or just use a small cookie-cutter to make a design in a citrus peel.