About Verbena

limesOur Infusions:
Verbena beverages are seasonal infusions made with fresh local produce and quality botanicals. For our artisan infusions, we hand-select only the finest fruits, spices and herbs. We steep them directly into our premium grape brandy to extract all of their outstanding sugars, natural oils and robust flavor profiles. We further balance our infusions with moscato wine and agave nectar to give them a sweet complexity. While most companies use extracts and concentrates, we only use fresh juice and fruit. We want our products to taste like real fruit and strive to give you an authentic experience.
While each recipe is different, some of the mixology techniques we use include making our own house-made liqueurs, gastriques, tinctures, shrubs and bitters. By experimenting with countless combinations, we find a fun way to showcase some of our favorite flavors. After we balance out each small-batch, our final blend is then lightly carbonated so that it can add effervescence and bring forward the natural aromas. Pour a Verbena over ice or use it to enhance your favorite drinks.

barrelraspberriesSince our products are seasonal, they vary. Our infusions include:
Apple Infusion…featuring Nutmeg, Clove, Cinnamon, Citrus & Vanilla Beans
Pear Infusion…featuring Vanilla Beans, Citrus Zest & Elderflower
Persimmon Infusion…featuring Clove & Citrus
Pineapple Infusion…featuring Citrus & Sage
Strawberry Infusion…featuring Citrus, Mint & Basil
Mandarin Infusion…featuring, Vanilla Bean & Cardamom
Peach Infusion…featuring Citrus & Thyme
Meyer Lemon Infusion…featuring Lemongrass, Juniper Berries & Coriander
Raspberry Infusion…featuring Citrus & Mint

IMAGES_ABOUT_VERBENAAbout the founder:
I have been a San Francisco bartender for over 5 years in some of the city’s most classic watering holes. During those years, I learned an appreciation for mixology and culinary exploration. My favorite past-time included going to Farmer’s Markets, picking up fruit at its peak and infusing them with the countless spirits behind my bar. Before I knew it, my back-bar and kitchen were filled with mason jars full of my infusions. Regulars would come in to my bar, try that week’s experiments and give me feedback. The feedback became increasingly positive so I decided to bottle my experiments and Verbena Beverage Company was born. I am truly proud of my infusions and hope you enjoy them around stimulating conversation with family and friends.